Welcome to Senior Living Topics!   My name is Amy and this is my personal website dedicated to my mother (shown right) and all seniors and their caregivers.

My home is in Indiana where my mother currently resides.  Although, I work with seniors in my personal career on a daily basis, I experienced first-hand the challenges of helping an aging parent in a crisis situation.  Learning to listen and respect the wishes of your loved one can be challenging.  However, securing the right senior resources and restoring a secure quality of life for your loved one is very rewarding.

In 1979, I earned my Bachelors degree from Purdue University.  A Master of Arts Degree was earned in Public Relations from Ball State University in 1991.  Since graduation, I have worked as a professional in senior living communities.  Currently, I work in management for homecare and hospice services for a non-for-profit hospital health care system in Indianapolis.

I am passionate about sharing senior news and resources discovered from both my profession and personal journey.  I hope my site offers informative content that will ease the transitions that seniors and caregivers experience.

Disclosure: Some of the information found on this site is sponsored by advertisers. Some links are affiliate links, meaning that if you click on them or make a purchase on them, the site will make a profit. However, we would not advertise or promote anything for money if we did not believe in it.

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