Adaptive Clothing for Bedridden Patients

Taking care of a loved one who is bedridden or terminal can be challenging for the caregiver.  No one knows this better than the Acosta family who struggled to care for a grandfather following a twelve year battle with Parkinson’s disease.  The challenge of dressing grandpa, while maintaining the dignity of his hygiene, was the impetus for the Acosta’s new company that specializes in comfort care attire.

The goal of Comfort Care Clothing Co is to create innovative clothing pieces that allow patients and caregivers the convenience of dressing in a comfortable setting. The company’s adaptive pajama top has 4 benefits:

1.  Eases the challenge of dressing and undressing the patient with limited mobility.

2. Enhances the appearance and dignity of the patient.  Adaptive clothing comes in a gender style.

3.  Reduces pain and discomfort of moving a patient while changing the clothes.

4.  Adaptive top eliminates the need to remove breathing equipment, vital monitoring systems, intravenous devices, and feeding tubes.

The design of the adaptive pajama top is the first item of clothing from the Comfort Clothing Co.  The adaptive pajama top provides the patient and caregiver with a comfortable solution for hygienic and dignified attire while at home, in a skilled facility, or in a hospital setting.  For additional information:  e-mail: or visit:


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