Appropriate Gifts for the Senior Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I am trying to pick out the perfect gift for my mother who resides in an assisted living community. It can be challenging selecting a unique gift that will be useful in an assisted living community that offers amenities. However, I have researched some great ideas and online resources that may brighten your Mother’s Day.

Mom’s assisted living has scheduled meal times. Therefore, a gift subscription to NatureBox is the perfect gift for having delicious and nourishing snacks in the comfort of her apartment. Mom will have a monthly reminder of your thoughtfulness when she receives a box of 15 to 20 servings across 5 different Healthy snacks delivered to your door for $20 by NatureBox snacks. Snacks are 100% Nutritionist approved and endorsed by Shape Magazine, and chef Rachel Ray. The cost of the NatureBox subscription is just under $20.00 and the gift always ships free. Service can be paused or canceled at any time.

Aging in place can be made stress free with some awesome adaptive aids for everyday living. Check out the link below featuring the dynamic Led Calendar Wall clock with the day, date, and time designed with oversized letters and digits. DBTech Big Oversized Digital Red LED Calendar Clock with Day and Date – Shelf or Wall Mount (12 inches – Red LED)In addition, Amazon offers a high tech amplified telephone specifically for seniors. The telephone displays the numbers in a large font and is also easy to use with the large size buttons to press. Clarity Amplified Photo Phone (P300)

My mom loves to brag to the other residents about her family. Photo souvenirs such as calendars, collages, buttons, and coffee mugs are easy to design and to order online. All these gifts can be purchased for under $50.00. Getting the daily mail is still important to my mom. Today, Health Magazine only $5.00 – Get 10 Issues (1 Year) of Health Magazine for Only $5.00! is an inexpensive way to put engaging monthly mail in your mother’s box. Although, I have reviewed a few winning ideas, I have also included some additional nifty ideas:

• A basket of old time DVD’s! (These can be found at Walmart or the Half-Price Books store. Arrange a basket of “show candy” from the Dollar Tree store and throw in some popcorn packets.

• Gift certificates to senior friendly restaurants such as Bob Evans or Cracker Barrel

• Soaps and lotions are always a hit.

• Spring bathrobe, housecoat, and slippers (skid proof)

• Purchase companionship services or extra help…even in the assisted living

Although, I have featured some personal gifts for mom, the gift of real time is priceless. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to share family stories and to journal and document the meaningful events in your mother’s life.  Family Tree Legacies: Preserving Memories Throughout Time is an awesome journal for recording the memories of your family.


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