Audiobook Gifts for Seniors

The holiday season is approaching and I have a great Christmas gift idea for your favorite senior. Audiobooks are a hot item for 2012 and have increased in popularity since the demise of the local bookstore.

Audiobooks are especially convenient for seniors since they can be downloaded in a matter of minutes and can be played on a basic MP3 player. The joy of audiobooks is that it brings the story to life by the spoken word while seniors can relax or lie down while listening.

The audio format is also a good choice for seniors that may experience vision challenges or cognitive difficulties.  For the home bound senior, audible books are a great source of entertainment.

A great option for audible books is Try Audible Now and Get A Free Audiobook Download with a 30 Day Trial. Choose from over 100,000 Titles. By clicking on the link I’ve posted, you can get a free audiobook download. features more than 100,000 titles from best sellers to classic books.  The company is very customer service focused and allows members to exchange any book within 12 months.

Speaking of a great audio book, I just downloaded a book for my 88-year old mother.  She just loves Bill O’Reilly’s, Killing Kennedy, a spell-binding best seller narrative of the events surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy.



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