Benefits of Rose Oil As Aromatherapy

Beauty is only skin deep

The beautiful meaning of a rose along with its eloquent aroma has been important to generations of women since ancient times.  According to the book, Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, the rose was called “the queen of flowers” by the Greek poet Sappho.  It was the “queen” for its therapeutic value in medicine and perfumery.

Today, it is estimated that over 224 million roses will be produced for period time close to Valentine’s Day.  As you can see, the importance of the rose is still important in our society.  In aromatherapy, the rose as an essential oil is equally beneficial.  The eloquent aroma of rose oil has often been used in the health care settings for patients that show symptoms of anxiety and depression.  In addition, certified aromatherapists often recommend rose essential oil for its ability to improve the body’s circulation of blood and improving the healing properties.  Lastly, rose oil can assist in falling asleep.  Sprinkle four or five drops of rose oil on a tissue and hold it on your nose taking 10-15 deep breaths.

How to use rose essential oil?

There are different methods for using essential rose oils.  A soothing bath with approximately two drops of essential rose oil in the water tub has therapeutic and relaxing results.  In addition, you may use rose oil as a vibrant room refreshener. This requires a spray mister with quarter liter of water mixed with about five drops of rose oil.  One of my favorite application methods for rose oil is by purchasing lotion.  You have two options for body and hand lotion.  Purchase an unscented lotion and add three drops of the essential rose oil and massage it into the palm of your hand or body.  Or purchase a rose pre-scented lotion than can be used conveniently in the home, car, and office.

How expensive is rose oil?

When we think of a rose, we also recognize the glory of the flower comes with a price.  Rose essential oil can be pricey because it takes approximately 60,000 roses to produce just 1 ounce of oil.  However, with its holistic healing properties it may be a sound investment.

Where can I purchase rose oil?

A great online site for purchasing high quality essential oil is through Essential 3 Visit their home page and learn about all the essential oil properties and their therapeutic benefits.  For now, I plan to massage my hands with rose oil lotion and turn out the lights.

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