Boomers and Seniors Dominate Oscar Nominees

The battle of the generations will begin tonight at the 85th annual Academy Awards.  Forty-five percent of the twenty acting nominees are over the age of fifty. For the best actor category, Denzel Washington, age 58, is up for his fifth nomination for his role in Flight.  For Daniel Day-Lewis, age 55, third time’s a charm for his nomination in his role in Lincoln.  Tonight will be Daniel Day-Lewis‘ fifth nomination.

The honor of the oldest woman to be nominated for a leading actress role goes to Emmanuelle Riva, (86) for her role in the movie Amour.  This is the first nomination for Riva.

Actors over the age of fifty dominate the Best Supporting Actor role.  Alan Arkin, age 78 years old, leads the pack for being the oldest male nominated this year. Arkin’s role in Argo is his fourth nomination.  Arkin won a previous Oscar for his supporting actor role in Little Miss Sunshine.  It is the seventh Oscar nomination for Robert De Niro.  De Niro has been recognized for his supporting role in Silver Linings PlaybookTommy Lee Jones‘ age 66 years old is another Oscar contender for his role in Lincoln.  Jones will be up for his fourth nomination.  His last Oscar was for best supporting actor in the movie The Fugitive.  Perhaps actor Christophe Waltz, age 56, will receive his second best supporting actor Oscar for his role in Django Unchained.

Ingénue actresses Sally Field and Jacki Weaver add a level of maturity to this year’s best actress in a supporting role.  Sally Field, age 66-years old has been a previous Oscar winner for her roles in Norma Rae and Places in the Heart, and is strongly favored to win for her role as Mary Todd Lincoln in the movie Lincoln. Silver Linings Playbook actress Jacki Weaver is up for her second supporting actress award.  Her first nomination came for her supporting role in Animal Kingdom.

The Las Vegas bets are placed!  And the odds are in the favor of the greatest generation to prevail.  Boomers and seniors just may sweep the 85th annual Academy Awards.


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