Costco Wholesale Embraces the Senior Consumer

Costco Wholesale has embraced the senior boomer market with outstanding senior products and services in their retail stores and with their online store.  Going to Costco and weaving through the aisles, sampling the foods and visiting the book section is a weekly activity my mother enjoys.

Costco is one of my favorite members-only retail outlets.  When it comes to customer service and returns, Costco aims to please.  Costco guarantees and stands behind the products they sell.  Returns from the warehouse store or online can be done at your local Costco warehouse.  Please note that electronic items do have a smaller window of time for a refund.  It may be advisable to learn the return policy of these items prior to your purchase.

There are many retail players in the health care and service industry.   Costco’s presence with their big box pricing only helps to even out the playing field for the consumer.

After shopping the store and reviewing the online store, I have identified products and services you may want to consider.  There are three Costco service areas that may benefit seniors:

  •  Hearing Aids:  Costco is now selling hearing aids via their Hearing Aid Centers.  For some seniors on a limited budget, a set of hearing aids can be prohibitive.  According to Costco, their Hearing Aid Centers offer the latest in technology at an affordable cost.  Costco’s prices are less than half the industry standard.  For example, the in-house Kirkland brand of hearing aids is built by Siemens.   There is no pressure to purchase a hearing aid.   Costco associates do not work on commission.   Finally, the Costco Hearing Aid staff will work to find the most appropriate solution for your hearing loss and lifestyle.  Costco offers a complimentary hearing aid check-up that includes cleaning and a new battery.


  • Prescription Eye Glass Center:  My mother just recently filled her eye glass prescription at Costco. We paid $49 for a licensed optometrist. This included a vision and eye health exam. The store is stocked with a variety of great frame choices.  The prescription was filled in a timely manner and her glasses were adjusted by a professional associate.   According to a recent survey by Consumer Reports, over 30,000 lens-wearers selected Costco as their number one favorite choice for retail optical and vision store.
  • Pharmacy:  Costco pharmacy is my preferred provider for pharmacies.  Costco also has an online pharmacy.   In addition, I purchase many other products in the pharmacy area at an affordable cost including bulk adult diapers and pads.

What type of senior products does Costco offer?

  • Aids for Independent Living:  Check out these aids for independent living in both the store and online.  These include canes, reachers, walkers and wheelchairs.  In addition, Costco now carries mobility ramps, bed & bath safety devices, and MediPendant Medical Alert system.
  • Hearing enhanced products- for telephone and television are also offered in the store and online.
  • Home Health Care products- that are preventive in nature can also be purchased at Costco.  A diagnostic scale, blood pressure monitors, and a pulse oximeter are featured in their online store.  A heart home defibrillator unit is also available to purchase online at an affordable price.
  • Casket purchase-.  Funeral caskets are a premium at funeral homes.  The savvy consumer now has an option to purchase a casket from an outside source. (The Federal Trade Commission requires funeral homes to accept any casket purchase from an outside source.)  Check out for caskets, urns and other end of life products.  A casket ordered for expedited delivery will arrive by 5 p.m. the next day.  Finally, did not forget about your beloved pet.  Pet urns are also available online.

How do I become a member of Costco?

Memberships for Costco are under $60.  I purchased a membership for our family and I am able to take my mother as a guest.  Throughout the year, Costco sends coupon booklets that feature many of their great products in their store and online at a discounted price.  Costco has 448 locations in 42 states and are opened 7 days a week.  The best time to shop with your senior companion is during the week.

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