How to Manage Incontinence Care

Aging gracefully can definitely have its challenges.  For my mother, managing her urinary incontinence continues to be a problem.  Fortunately, my mother is not alone in dealing with this common condition. Over 20 million people of both genders in the United States, also deal with leaking urine or losing bladder control.  Seniors that also have dementia issues are challenged with remembering to use the bathroom on a regular basis or to use appropriate products during the daytime and evening hours.

As a caregiver, who is also in the healthcare business, I have discovered two great products that will help my mother manage her incontinence.  I have quickly recognized that the incontinence products sold in the big box store are not created equal.  I was fortunate to hear about the brand of Tranquility Incontinence products from our homecare nurse.

Why Tranquility products are different?

There are four essential reasons to spend the extra money to purchase Tranquility products:

·         Skin dryness- Urine close to the skin can definitely lead to issue of skin breakdown or the formation of pressure sores.  The beauty of Tranquility products are they instantly absorb moisture and trap large volumes of urine that will not leak out even under pressure.  The end result is drier and healthier skin.

·         Odor reduction- The odor of ammonia from my mother’s urinary incontinence permeates throughout her apartment.  This problem is very distressing to all parties involved.  The Tranquility products eliminate the urine odor.

·         Urine neutralization- Neutralizing the pH level of urine promotes skin safety.  I have found that the Tranquility product quickly captures the urine and neutralizes the pH level.

·         Control of bacterial growth- In the past, urinary tract infections were a constant issue for my mother.  However, the Tranquility products really aid in locking away the urine and creating a safer skin environment.

How are the products made?

The Tranquility products use the patented Peach Mat Construction, a blend of fast-acting and high retention absorbent polymers that provide an unsurpassed level of protection and absorbency.  The quality of their performance has earned them a Number 1 ranking by Caregivers and Medical Professionals.

What levels of Absorbency are available?

The consumer has a choice in 5 different absorbency levels.  This includes:  light, moderate, heavy, maximum, and added.

 Is the product cost-effective and convenient?

The quality of the Tranquility product can eliminate the need for frequent changes and can actually result in a lower total daily cost.  Fewer changes means less labor and fewer interruptions for your senior’s sleep patterns.  Overall, the leak proof absorbency leads to a happier and productive life.

Where do I locate the products?

To learn about where to purchase the products visit their web site at   In addition, they will send you a few samples of the product to your home.  I was also able to seek assistance about their product line by calling 1-800-467-3224 option 7.

There are many products on the market that can be used for incontinence cleansing.  However, a great one step product that cleans and protects is called Comfort Shield Barrier Cream Cloths.  These cloths provide easy all-in-one incontinence care and barrier application.  In particular, they are helpful in protecting against Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis, a known risk factor for pressure ulcers.  Our clinical staff at our homecare agency has confidence in the product because each pre-moistened, disposable cloth contains 3% dimethicone.  The dimethicone ensures that an effective barrier is applied every time it’s used.  To find out additional information about the product visit:


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