In-Home Medical Care

Medical care in the convenience of your home is becoming a popular option among the senior population.  Mobile medical care practices makes house calls and provides primary medical care for home bound or home limited patients.

 What services can be provided?

A company such as MD2U can provide home services that range from routine checkups, lab work, x-rays, and EKG.  Their personalized approach to care can also address care issues such as medication management, wound care, and mental and behavioral medical management.

It is not unusual for seniors not to have a primary care physician.  For seniors that may experience a hospital and or skilled rehabilitation, in-house primary care networks can provide the follow-up discharge care in the convenience of your home.

The advantage to a home medical visit is the ability for the provider to assess the patient in their own home.  Providers are trained to refer additional medical services that may help patients live independently longer.  The home environment affords the families, caregivers, and patients to ask the pertinent questions that are essential for quality healthcare.

The MD2U Model

MD2U is a team approach to patient care.  The network currently covers six states.  For 2013, the company will exceed over 50,000 house calls. (  According to the MD2U website, a recent home health study shows a significant decrease in their patient readmissions to the hospital.  This is especially important for disease states such as heart failure and diabetes. If the MD2U model is not in your area, you may want to research other in-home medical providers.

The best in home medical provider is a team focused approach that values the intimate patient relationship.  In addition, it should be a medical environment that includes all important caregivers and family members.


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