Medication Safety for Seniors

Medication safety for seniors is a growing concern in the health care industry.  It is well-documented in our local hospital emergency room that seniors are admitted on a regular basis for missed doses or double dosing on daily medications.  The statistics for our hospital parallel the growing national health concerns in the United States.

According to LIVING WELL, individuals 65 years and older take at least seven different prescription drugs regularly, and one in four take between 10 and 19 pills each day.  Research shows that many of these individuals admit to mismanaging their medications.  Forgetting medications and double dosing can cost the national health care system close to $290 billion dollars in ER visits and other medical expenses.

As a caregiver, I used a basic medication drugstore container to manage my mother’s three prescription medications.  However, I quickly discovered that my mother was double dosing on this system.  Fortunately,   I discovered a unique system in my area that makes managing my mother’s medications safer and easier.  The UniDose program is a safe and error free solution for dispensing medications.  The program offers six key solutions:

•Free sealed prescriptions
•Free pre-sorted medications
•Free dispensing in individual dose pouches
•Doses sorted by the date and time to be taken
•Clear and individualized labeling
•Rx Free Delivery

Pharmaneek’s UniDose system transfers prescriptions and over-the counter medications and organizes them into pre-sorted, easy-to-use single dose packets.  Everything is clearly marked with the date and time they should be taken.  The beauty of the program is that it makes it easier for your loved one to remember to take their medications correctly, keeping them safer and healthier.

Although my mother is in a licensed assisted living, the system works great with their clinic.  The unique packaging is complimentary and is delivered monthly to her senior community.  In addition, her over-the-counter medications and supplements can also be coordinated withUniDose.

How does the UniDose system work?

UniDose is easy to implement whether you are in your home or in a senior living community.  I contacted the office (317) 293-1700 and discussed with the Pharmaneek team mom’s list of medications and over-the-counter supplements.  The pharmacist explained that her 30-day supply would be delivered to her community in a convenient dispensing box with label dosing instructions.  In addition, Pharmaneek can also provide other pharmaceutical supplies such as diabetic testing strips or mobility aids.  The UniDose benefits are not just for seniors, anyone taking prescriptions can benefit from their program.  Currently, Pharmaneek accepts almost all insurance plans including Medicare.

With the growing number of prescription medications available, the potential for error increases.  Taking the time to use a service such as UniDose, will help reduce the anxiety of medication compliance and increase the overall medication safety of your loved one.  For further information on the program visit the web at:


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