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As caregivers, many of us are faced with the reality that our aging parents may need assistance.  Some of us are struggling with the stress of taking care of our parents at the same time as our children.  Maybe today, you don’t need help.  But at any moment, your neighbor, a friend, or a loved one may need guidance or an available resource.

Connect2Help provides a complimentary service to the residents of Indiana regardless of age.  By dialing 2-1-1, you will be connected 24/7/365 to a trained and dedicated professional who will help navigate all the resources for community, health, and crisis information.  The services are free and confidential and the staff can help someone just seeking information or in the midst of a crisis.  Connect2Help is accredited by both the Alliance of Information Referral Systems and the American Association of Suicidology.  The number 2-1-1 is easy to remember, easy to use, free, and confidential.  Here are only a few of the needs Connect2Help can assist with:

~Food, Education, Disaster Assistance, Employment, Health Care, Housing, Hispanic Outreach, Legal Aid, Mental Health Services, Parent Counseling, Shelter, Suicide Prevention.  For additional information:

When you call 2-1-1, a caring Specialist will be there to help you with your individual needs. Connect2Help partners with many programs that can help provide in-home services, financial assistance, and caregiver respite help.  Get Help. Don’t Wait!   Dial 2-1-1.


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