New Experimental Trial for Alzheimer’s

Imagine a new drug that would help prevent Alzheimer’s in an age group that is susceptible to the disease.  Indianapolis based Eli Lilly & Co will have an opportunity to make a breakthrough by their recent selection for a large scale federally funded study.

Lilly’s drug called solanezumab has been in earlier studies.  However, the results were disappointing for patients with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s.  Lilly researchers are now hoping that the new study will show promise for patients at the beginning stages of the disease.

The new federally funded study is separate from a large scale study that Lilly will conduct later in 2013.  The new federal study will be conducted across the United States in over fifty locations.  The study group will consist of patients between the ages of 70-85.  The thousand patient sample group must show plaque buildup but not exhibiting the signs of dementia.

Dr. Reisa Sperling, Director of the Alzheimer’s Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital will lead the project.  According to Sperling, the experimental research project will consists of a placebo group and a test group of participants that will get monthly injections.  The study will take place over a five year period with final results reported in 2018.

Over 5.4 million adult Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease.  New treatments for Alzheimer’s cannot come soon enough.  Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death for our aging population.



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