New Medicare Senior Scam

Caregivers and seniors beware of a recent Medicare telephone scam.

The scam begins with a caller claiming to be with Medicare or another official sounding organization.   The caller will tell you that your new Medicare card is in the mail, and then ask for your banking information to set up a direct deposit for your Medicare funds.  The caller may ask for your Medicare and Social Security number.

The statistics of senior fraud are hard to gauge.  Mainly because our senior population are often too embarrassed or confused to report to authorities. However, there are approximately 5 million cases of financial scams a year in the United States.

Avoid being a scam statistic by only giving your personal information in person to doctors or other approved Medicare providers.

There is a hotline to report suspected identity theft.  Contact the Federal Trade Commission’s ID Theft at 1-877-438-4338.


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