Summer School for Seniors

The word summer school has a negative connotation for the average student under 22 years old.  However, for active seniors, it is an exciting opportunity to travel to cities such as; Madison, Wisconsin, San Diego, Colorado Springs, and Portland, Maine.

Endorsed by AARP, Senior Summer School 2013 offers an education vacation that affords seniors an opportunity to learn an array of historical and timely courses in a unique setting.  The program draws senior travelers from all parts of the country at an affordable cost.

The beauty of Senior Summer School is the program is now on your terms.  A typical program can last from one to six weeks depending on the destination. In addition, seniors have the option to attend up to four lectures along with planned excursions.

Senior Summer School is a great way to meet and interact with your peers.  The number of participants varies by venue.  However, the numbers of participants range from 20 to 86.  The travel costs are affordable as accommodation options include private resident halls, hotels, and private apartments.  Each location is carefully selected to accommodate health and physical limitations.

Boomers, seniors, and caregivers, take the opportunity to preview the travel opportunities for 2013.  Education and vacation is a great gift to give yourself during your prime years.  For additional information:

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