The Benefits of Medical Food for Alzheimer’s Disease

There is a new innovative prescription product on the market for the mild to moderate Alzheimer patient.  Axona is unique because it works differently for patients than other Alzheimer’s disease products on the market.

What is Axona?

Axona is a simple once-a-day medical food for people with the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.  The powder drink works with the body’s natural processes to supply ketones to the brain.  From the clinical trials, people with mild and moderate Alzheimer’s saw significant improvements in memory and cognition within the first six weeks of using Axona once a day.

How convenient is Axona?

The convenience of Axona is one of its benefits.  Instead of taking another pill, Axona comes in a vanilla-flavored powder that can easily be mixed into juice, milk, or a soft food.  The best results of the product are seen with daily use.

How safe is Axona?

Axona is a prescription medical food regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  The main ingredient of Axona is caprylic triglyceride, derived from botanical oils.   People with soy and dairy allergies should not consume the product.  However, it is gluten-free and certified by the Orthodox Union.  A full list of ingredients and nutrition information can be found on the company web site.

Where to get Axona

A physician can prescribe Axona.  A free sample starter kit may also be available in the physician office.  Patients that want to fill a prescription at the local pharmacy may benefit from the Axona Discount Program.  Patients may also visit

Coping with a new diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can be frightening.  However, with new medical products such as Axona, there is hope for managing the early symptoms of the disease.


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