The Largest-Ever Star Wars Exhibit Visits Indiana State Museum

Star Wars, a pop culture favorite created by George Lucas, has landed in the city of Indianapolis at the Indiana State Museum in White River State Park through Labor Day.

Thirty-six years ago the film series began with the release of Star Wars. The series quickly became a hit as it depicted many alien creatures along with the robotic droids that are generally designed to serve their owners. More than two decades after the release of the original film, the Star Wars phenomena continues to draw a huge following.

The museum anticipates that the exhibit “Star Wars Where Science Meets Imagination” will draw thousands of visitors this summer. Visitors will have an interactive experience by seeing the full-sized replica of the cockpit of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon starship. Also, get a glimpse of the props and costumes from all the Star War movies along with their infamous characters.

Tickets are on sale now at This summer go back in time and see one of the largest-ever special exhibits that pulls you back into the fantasy world of Star Wars. An exhibit where science truly meets the imagination.


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