When is it time for Assisted Living?

When is it time for Assisted Living?

Moving mom in an Assisted Living in a crisis situation was very stressful for all of my family members.  My mother had a sudden change in health and we were under a small window of time during her hospitalization to find a new home.  I believe we could have curtailed a last-minute placement if we had kept an eye on the early signs.  Here were the signs that we ignored.

  • Mom had a decrease in her personal care. Her clothes, hair and overall lack of personal grooming were no longer a priority.
  • Mom used to be a huge clean freak.  I noticed over the last few months the sticky counters, stained carpets and spoiled food.
  • The empty refrigerator syndrome. Mom was too cheap to buy groceries and instead relied on frozen entrees and cheap wine.
  • Dangerous driving.  Mom had about six unexplained dents and scratches on her car in a sixty day period.
  • Unexplained bruising on her body.  Mom was falling and her mobility was compromised due to osteoarthritis.
  • Missed medications and unfilled prescriptions.
  • Late fees on her bills.  A few calls from creditors on her answering machine.
  • Memory Loss.  Mom especially struggled with her short term memory.
  • Depression and loneliness.  Loss of motivation to engage in social activities.  Unrealistic expectations of her family members.

Avoid the crunch time for finding a place for mom by looking for the signs and taking the time to research senior care options in your area.  Stopping by local Assisted Living buildings unannounced can give you a snap shot of the quality of staff and landscape of the building.




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