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Finally, as I approach my fifties and I have our last child off to college I have found myself in a new category.   If you think I mean empty nester….wrong.  I am now a part of the “sandwich generation.”  Sandwich generation is a word coined in the United States that describes the generation that are struggling to cope with the emotional and financial issues of both and elderly parent (s) and dependent children.  In a sense, it is like being squeezed between the demands of both age spectrums.  A recent AARP report found that 44% of 45-to 55 year olds have at least one living parent and one child under 21.  I have been struggling with the anxiety of caring for my aging mother while balancing my young dependent adults.  I have some tips that have helped to eliminate the emotional squeeze:

  • Start early doing your local research on senior resources.

Every state has a local Area Agency on Aging.  Our agency in

Indiana published a free complete resource guide for Indiana for seniors, persons with disabilities, and family caregivers

  • Keep a notebook on all of your research.  Create tabs such as:

Senior Living Communities, Skilled Nursing Buildings, Non Medical Private Duty, and Adult Day Centers.

  • Spend the money and hire a private Geriatric Care Specialist.

I call this an “interior decorator” for seniors.  For a reasonable fee, these professional Care Managers will navigate and coordinate a plan of care and present information and options for seniors and their families.

  • Scheduled periodic tours of your local Senior Living Communities, Skilled Nursing, and Non Medical agencies.  Knowing your options ahead of time greatly reduces the anxiety of making a quick decision. Especially, when an aging parent can have an immediate change in their mental or physical status.

Finally, the best advice I can give you is to take care of yourself.  It is very challenging being a good caregiver if you can’t take care of your own financial and emotional needs.




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